sábado, 4 de abril de 2015

Mask of Olidammara

Figure: Mask of Olidammara, the Laughing Rogue, god of music, wine, rogues, humor and tricks
Size: 150mm (H); 120mm (W) 
Material: Super Sculpey
Sculpted and Painted by Cristian A. Blazina
I'm not the creator of this symbol, it belongs to Dungeon & Dragons, Wizards of the Coast

"Don't worry. I come in the name of the Laughing Rogue and I have a feeling our luck is about to change, no law shall stand against us... not in this tavern!"

"No se preocupen. Vengo en nombre del Risueño y tengo la sensación de que nuestra suerte está a punto de cambiar, ninguna ley se levantará contra nosotros... no en esta taberna!"

Elam Corvo, sanctified one of Olidammara

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